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 Paul Grossman Owner/ Lead Instructor 

Instructor Paul Grossman

Paul Grossman started his professional career in law enforcement in 2004.  He has served different roles in the law enforcement field. Paul served 10 years with the Marshals Office.  In 2015 Paul decided to return to patrol work. Paul is currently employed as a police officer, assigned to the patrol division. Paul is a Firearms Instructor for the police agency where he works at in the Metro Denver area.  Paul is also the Less Lethal Instructor for his police agency.  Paul trains his officers in the use of Flash Bangs/ Sting Ball Grenades, and Less Lethal Impact Munitions to the patrol division officers. Paul holds the Colorado Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (P.OS.T.)  Firearms Instructor certification in Colorado and is certified as a Full Skills Police Academy Instructor.  He has received advanced firearms instructor training through Colorado Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (C.L.E.F.I.A.) in the discipline of Active Shooter Response, Tactical Combat Casualty Care for Law Enforcement, and is an active Simunition Instructor for Force on Force training for law enforcement officers, military and civilians.  Paul has done some contract work with the Department of Defense (DOD).  He is an active police instructor at a local police academy as a full skills instructor in firearms for the new police recruits in the police academy. He has trained churches and has prepared them to become ready to confront and end an active aggressor in an active shooter or chaotic event.  Paul has responded as a police officer to high risk calls and has lead his team of officers to safely end and diffuse dangerous calls with tactical maneuvers minimizing the risk to the public.   Paul also holds, the GLOCK Pistol Armorer Certification to work on and inspect any Glock pistol in the market.  

If you're a beginner or an advanced shooter, training with PG FIREARMS TRAINING, will only make you a better more prepared individual for the real world.  Paul takes pride in making his students understand and prepare themselves to become proficient and comfortable with their firearms training needs.  

As active law enforcement officers and law enforcement instructors, we train quarterly as firearms instructors and always take new advanced police instructor courses to make ourselves better instructors to our students.  At PG FIREARMS TRAINING, we only hire active police officer firearms instructors.  We strongly believe in the training the state of Colorado mandates police trainers to have to be able to train at the police academy level.  Therefore we hold the same standards to our instructors and only hire the best for our students.  Rest assured all of our instructors have amazing training and backgrounds in the topics they are chosen to teach with us. 

 Our promise to our students is making them comfortable with their firearms and proficient in their skills to be able to protect themselves and their loved


 Our promise to our students is making them comfortable with their firearms and proficient in their skills to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

 If you have any questions in regards to firearms training or our business, please feel free to contact me directly.


 If you have any questions in regards to firearms training or our business, please feel free to contact me directly.   [email protected]


Stay safe & alert,

 Paul Grossman

Instructor Will Carnes 

Will has been in law enforcement since 2005 and has served different roles in the field.  Will has corrections experience and is an active police officer in a large metropolitan police department in the Denver Metro area.  Will is an active Colorado POST Firearms Instructor, CIT Officer, and is certified to be a Field Training Officer.  Will is a great addition to the team and takes pride in offering the best firearms training to all of our students.  


You can contact Will directly at:

[email protected]

Instructor AJ White


 Aj is a police officer with a large metropolitan police department in Denver and has over 15 years of law enforcement experience.  Aj. Began his law enforcement career with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 1998 before returning to Colorado later the same year to attend the Red Rocks Community College POST academy.  After graduating, he worked for the Red Rocks Community College Police Department for 9 months before being hired with the City of Broomfield in 2000.  While at Broomfield, Aj served in both the Patrol Division and the Special Operations Division as a patrol officer and traffic officer.  Aj became a Field Training Officer in 2003 and was also an acting supervisor during his time at the Broomfield Police Department. Aj is also CIT instructor certified and is a CIT course director.  In 2008, Aj was selected as an International Police Advisor for the US State Department.  He served from 2008 until 2010 in Iraq training, mentoring, and advising the Iraqi Police.  Aj’s last 7 months in Iraq, he supervised multiple police advisor teams in the Baghdad region.  In 2011, Aj was hired with a large metropolitan police department in Denver as a police officer.  Aj was selected as a Field Training Officer in 2014 and served in that capacity until 2015 when he was selected to become the departments Training Coordinator and Background Investigator. Aj. Is a POST train the trainer and is a hostage negotiator with his agency.   Aj has received the Medal of Valor (Broomfield PD), Lifesaving Award (Broomfield/ Thornton) as well as multiple other awards.


Instructor Albert Remedios


Albert joined the Miami Police Department in 1989 as a Public Service Aide (PSA) and became a police officer in 1992.  He has held assignments as a patrol officer, and was assigned to Coconut Grove as the only night shift bike officer.  He also worked as a South District Robbery Detective from 1999-2002.  He is currently a Police Instructor in the Training & Personnel Development Section.  Albert worked in the Officer Survival Detail and is currently assigned to the Firearms Detail.  He is the lead instructor for the Firearms Unit for the police recruit curriculum. 
While assigned to the Officer Survival Detail, Albert taught Use of Force, CPR, Simunitions, Tasers, Driving, and High Risk Traffic Stops. He was also the lead Instructor for the Region XIV Female Officer Survival course. While assigned to the Firearms Detail, he has held different responsibilities including that of instructor for the in-service Annual Qualification Program, Officer Survival Tactical Shooting Program, Annual Shotgun Qualification Program, and Region XIV 3-Gun Tactical Course.  
Albert assisted in bringing forth the Department’s research and implementation of its .223 Rifle Program and assisted in the research for the Department’s first .223 Rifle Policy. He also holds instructor certifications in the following: FDLE ITW, FDLE Firearms Instructor, FDLE Driving Instructor, FX Simunitions Instructor, Action Target 3 Gun Course Instructor, Surefire Low-Light Tactics Instructor, National Tactical Officers Association Active Shooter Instructor, Glock Armorer, Remington 870 and 700 Armorer, Colt M16 Rifle and Carbine

Instructor Matt Shay 

Matt has over 13 years as a law enforcement officer in a large Denver Metro area agency.   Matt has served 8 years as a SWAT Team Officer, 7 years as a Firearms Instructor certified through POST in the discipline of Police Handgun, Police Shotgun, and Police Rifle Instructor.  Matt is a police academy instructor for the new police recruits in a regional police academy.  Matt has extensive firearms training and is a great addition to have on our team.  Matt is our primary Rifle Instructor for PG FIREARMS TRAINING. 

Instructor Ian Williamson

Ian Williamson, born and raised in the Denver metro area, has been working with firearms from a young age, and has been instructing for 16 years. Ian has worked both for US Army Special Operations Command subordinate units since 2001 as well as in the Law Enforcement / Security field. He has been Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer, Senior Range Officer, and Lead Instructor for his Army unit since 2008, and trained with rimfire through .50 cal pistol and rifle, as well as shotgun both in competitive and in tactical environments. Ian brings to the table a unique perspective having three combat tours totaling 47 months under his belt as well as 6 years of operations and training background. He knows the importance of communication as well as small unit and individual tactics, while understanding the escalation of force principals. Ian also has training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) as well as Urban and Wilderness survival techniques including hand-to-hand combat. Ian currently holds sharpshooter qualification  with the NRA in rifle, Expert Marksmanship Badge in pistol and rifle with the US Army, and the Gold (Expert) German Armed Forces Marksmanship Badge with rifle, pistol, and machine gun.

 It is an honor to have Ian as an instructor at PG FIREARMS TRAINING.  Ian brings a lot of combat experience and training to our students. 


Instructor Joaquin Baca 

 Joaquin was employed as a police officer for the city of Lakewood CO for 17 years.  During this time Joaquin has been a member of the S.W.A.T. tactical team, the traffic team, and was assigned as a patrol officer.


Joaquin is a CO. P.O.S.T. certified instructor and has been an arrest control instructor since 1998.  Joaquin has instructed police recruits and sworn personnel in all areas of arrest control, ground fighting, baton techniques, and defensive tactics.  In addition to being a certified LPD arrest control instructor Joaquin is also a certified FBI defensive tactics instructor, and a was a member of the CO. P.O.S.T. arrest control subject matter expert committee.  Joaquin created the only Law Enforcement Ground Fighting Instructor course that is approved by CO. P.O.S.T.


Joaquin has taught self defense and arrest control/defensive tactics to numerous municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies and civilians.


In addition to arrest control instruction, Joaquin also coordinated the recruit academy physical training program and conducted fitness assessments for Lakewood Police Department’s sworn employees.


Joaquin, can train any of our students in hand to hand combat and weapon retention.  Joaquin is a great addition to our team in preparing our students with the best training possible.