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AR-15 Carbine Course


AR-15 Carbine Course (8) Hours

The AR-15 Carbine Course offered at PG Firearms Training, is a top of the line training course for your carbine needs.  You could be a beginner or an advanced carbine shooter, but PG Firearms Training will teach you everything you need to know how to run that carbine effectively and smoothly when the time is needed.  This course is taught by top instructors who are current SWAT Operators and current police trainers in Colorado. 

Equipment needed for the carbine course

**300 rounds of .223/5.56 ammo

** 150 rounds of pistol ammo

**AR-15 Rifle/ sling

** 3 AR magazines ( the more the better!)

** Two pistol magazines and holster for your pistol

** Gloves ( The rifle will get warm!)

** Cleaning kit for the rifle

** Sunscreen!

** Plenty of water to stay hydrated!

**Bring your own lunch

Class cost per student $300 for the 8Hour course.  (Group rates available, ask PG for further info!)  Course is usually held once a year in June. 

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