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Basic Pistol Course 


At PG FIREARMS TRAINING, we offer an in depth Basic Pistol Course designed to get the new shooter comfortable with their fundamentals and build up their skills with their chosen firearm.  We take our time to make sure our students understand how to safely and proficient run their firearms and deliver accurate good shot placements on their targets.  ALL of our instructors have patience and extensive experience training new shooters from the police academy and the civilian world.  We can make ALL new students feel comfortable and prepared!

Course Outline

 OUR Basic Pistol Course is 4 hours at our outdoor shooting range with entire time handling and shooting your firearms.  The following will be taught on the training day:

·         Safe handling of firearms.

·         Different pistol shooting stances.

·         Drawing from holsters.

·        Loading and unloading the firearm safely.

·        Training the students in different target zones to engage a threat.

·       Basic marksmanship skills in a none stressful environment.

·         Marksmanship drills to prepare students and allowing them to become comfortable and safe with their firearms

At the end of our Basic Pistol Course, the student will be able to safely carry a firearm and be proficient in carrying one. 


 $150- Per student for this course/ Student needs to provide 150 rounds of ammunition 


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