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Personal Instructor 1-on-1

At times students feel like getting personal instruction and don't want to take a course with a group of people they don't know.  We can offer personal instruction courses at our range for any of our Basic Pistol, TAC Pistol, or Rifle courses.  Our hourly rate for personal instruction is $150/Hour with a minimum of 2 hours at the range.  Personal instruction allows the students to have the FULL attention of our instructors and focus on your learning needs directly.  Contact us today to schedule your session and get the training you want!

Building Searches/ Room clearing Tactics

Learn how to clear a room with tactics.  Have a step up on your intruder and be safe!

 How to negotiate a hallway

Going up a flight of stairs

Slow clearing techniques/Fast

Light discipline training

Shoot/don't shoot scenarios

TWO man entry into dwellings


                                           $200/Student 4 hour course

Firearm safety training for your entire family

New to guns and want to learn how to be safe at your home and train your family?  Give us a call and we will come out to you and help you feel comfortable, storing and teaching you the fundamentals of firearms safety for you and your entire family. 


This is a 2 hour class and cost is $100/person

Preparing to enter the police academy?

If your getting ready to enter the police academy, and want an insight of what kind of training you will encounter with firearms, I can help.  Being a police academy instructor, I can make you feel at ease and comfortable when it becomes your time to shoot at the police academy. 

Security Officer basic pistol training

This course is for security officer's, who need to carry a firearm to perform their duties as a security officer. It is also designed for security companies, to send their officer's to this training, before allowing the officer to work their first shift armed with the company.  In this course, the officer will learn:

·        Firearm safety

·        Firearm tactics

·        How to maintain your firearm in working condition

·        Firearm marksmanship

·        Deadly force definitions & when it can be applied

This is a Great course for the officer and company, knowing that your officer is properly trained to protect your clients and your company reputation! 


Security Company range qualification for Security Officers

Security Officers, might one day have to use deadly force.  In order to maintain marksmanship with a firearm, an individual and or unit has to train and qualify with their firearms every 2-3 months to tone their skills.  As a firearms instructor, I can create a qualification course that meets your agency needs for your officers to qualify and maintain their marksmanship skills needed to stay ready to protect your client’s needs.  Having armed officers increases your insurance costs, but by having professional training and documentation, that your officers have training will reduce your costs.  Your clients, will like knowing that the officers provided to them are highly trained with firearms. 


Women ONLY classes

I have classes specialized for women who want to feel more comfortable with firearms.  I can teach any of the above classes for women on a 1-on-1 basis, or for a group of women. 

Active shooter training  Force on Force training

Learn tactics and training to engage and survive an active shooter.  With this course force on force training, the student is equipped with a none lethal firearm (SIMM GUN) to engage in scenarios with the instructor and be able to apply the tactics and training to end a deadly force encounter.  This is a 6-hour course in which the student learns tactics and applies the tactics in real life scenarios.    CALL FOR PRICING & DATES!

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