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CCW Course/ Firearms Safety Course

I conduct the training required for a Concealed Carry Permit (CHP).  I also offer specialized courses you may take to improve your knowledge and skill with firearms. My classes are very comprehensive: both in developing basic comfort with firearms and understanding the ramifications of carrying and using a firearm. All of my training classes are more in-depth than most of the other instructors out there.  I hold the Colorado Police Officer and Standards Training Certification (P.O.S.T.) as a Firearms Instructor.  As a police firearms instructor my training is for real life situations. 

Topics covered in the CCW training class are:

 Safe Firearm Handling

  • Firearm Parts and Operation
  • Ammunition and its Function
  • Shooting Fundamentals and an Opportunity to Develop Them on the Range
  • How To Select, Clean and Store a Firearm
  • Holster selection and equipment selection for students
  • In-depth state laws on carrying a CCW in the state of Colorado
  • Real life scenarios/Classroom discussions
  • When to engage in deadly force

The Concealed Carrying Weapon class, is a 4 hour training class.  This class meets the Colorado Revised Statue 18-12-202.  At the end of the training, the student will take a written test, and I will issue a certificate of completion.  With the certificate of my training class, the applicant may apply for a Colorado Conceal Handgun Permit, in the county that the applicant resides in.


$125 for classroom Conceal Carry Permit Training Course. 

Click this link and purchase the course online.  PRE-Registration required.  You can Email for info or questions to: Course schedules and times can be found on



The state of Colorado, does not require live firing to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit.  I STRONGLY encourage my students to take a Basic Pistol course, to get experience with live fire, and the basic fundamentals of the firearm.  Carrying a firearm concealed on a daily basis is a very serious responsibility and can be dangerous if not properly trained on how to use it safely and proficent. 

 ********************I'am on Adams County Sheriffs Office preferred Firearms Instructor List***********************


*******************Live firing at a range can be arranged for an additional charge.**********************************************



Conceal Carry Permit Training Course with Force on Force Scenarios

This Conceal Carry Permit training is the best option, for the students to be able to do real life scenarios and apply what they learned in the classroom portion, to the real world threats.  In this course, the students are equipped with a Glock 17 pistol, that shoots out a colored soap marking.  Students engage real life role players acting as "Bad Guys" in different real world threat scenarios.  This course is 7 hours long and is a FULL certification course for your Conceal Carry Permit needs.  The price for this course is $175 and it includes all ammo, pistol use and handouts for the training course. 


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