Are You Ready?

Home Invasion Ready Course
What to expect on the day of training

This course will be THE most intense course you will ever take!  We will have real life role players simulating, breaking into your home.  Every student will be equipped with a Glock 17-T Simunition Pistol, that shoots out a colored soap round at 550 Feet Per Second (FPS) at the bad guys.  This course, isn't a course like other instructors out there who have "Airsoft toy guns".  We have real Glock 17-T Law Enforcement/ Military pistols that are REAL firearms. The students will be able to use tactics and engage/disengage and will be debriefed by the instructor on justification for use of force.  We will have approximately 7 scenarios in the 7 hours of training.  Each scenario will keep each student on their toes and get their adrenaline going.  Simunition Force on Force Training is THE most realistic firearms training and the closest thing to an actual gun fight.  When seconds count and your loved ones depend on you, ask yourself, ARE YOU READY?

                  List of what we will cover in the course:

·         Dim light shooting tactics

·         Room clearing training

·         Burglary scenarios ( Real role players breaking into home)

·         Home invasion attempts

·         Family tactical plans

·         Family rescue-room per room

·         Several scenarios will be given to students

·         Students will be equipped with a Glock 17-T pistol  Simunitions, to shoot out a colored marking round at the bad guys


We are very fortunate to have the training site we have and the equipment we have to bring REAL life scenarios and train our students with the best possible training in the market! Training with this equipment and the scenarios we conduct in our courses, will get any Conceal Carry Permit holder ready for the real threat.  Don't wait to become a victim, take control and become ready. 




The class cost is $175 and includes all ammunition, Glock 17 pistol use, gear and handouts.  Group discounts are available, just contact us for details. 


Home Safety Consultation

At PG FIREARMS TRAINING, we can come out to your home and provide an in house Home Safety Consultation.  The Home Safety Consultation will cover the following:


·         Walk through of your home to find “Soft” spots where intruders can enter.

·         Tactical plans for your family to create & prepare for intruders.

·         Training you and your family how to safely clear your home and get everybody into a “Safe Room”.

·         How to confront and engage an intruder.

·         Communication with your family to work together as a team to prepare, engage and survive together. 

·         Simunition scenario drills with bad guys, can be added to this consultation as well for an additional fee. 

This consultation visit will consist of 3 hours in your home working with you and your family to prepare for the worst case scenario.  Nobody should be concerned about their safety in their homes, we will get you ready to be calm, cool, and collected when an intruder decides to pick your home.  This course fee is $450.


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