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                                             Tactical Conceal Carry Course (TCCC)

Tactical Conceal Carry Course (TCCC), is designed to prepare a student with THE most realistic firearms training in the market! The TCCC is Force on Force Training for Conceal Permit Holders with REAL LIFE scenarios where the students learn to apply tactics and engage threats with real Glock 17-T pistols converted with Simunition slides to shoot out a paint marking bullets at the bad guys.  The Simunition Pistols have been used by military and police personnel for over 15 years! Reality based training with these real life scenarios have proven over and over that it works.  Law enforcement and military train with this equipment to prepare their officers and soldiers for the real threats.  Police recruits in the police academy get several hours of scenario reality based training to prepare them prior to working the streets. At PG FIREARMS TRAINING our instructors are certified by Simunition as Instructors to teach civilians, police officers, and military personnel in real life scenario based training to prepare our students with the most real life scenarios possible preparing them to survive in the real world!

 Glock 17-T 9mm Simunition Pistol

Cost for the course and what is included in this course 

Tactical Conceal Carry Course Outline:

**4-5 hour Tactical Course taught by active law enforcement/police trainers in Colorado ** BEST TRAINING IN COLORADO!**

** REAL role players who are trained to make each scenario as real as it can be

**Students are trained in tactics as (i.e. moving & shooting, rapid fire, multiple targets, cover/concealment/ car jacking attempts and defend, home invasion, and active shooter ready courses). 

**Awareness, positioning and weapon presentation

**Shooting from inside a vehicle and vehicle engagement tactics 


** This course will train you to control your adrenaline and fear and confront to deal with the threat that is present.  Training with adrenaline will allow you to know how you will react when the real deal goes down.  Students who train at an "indoor shooting range" with no static movement and adrenaline are not training for the real world.  This training course, will instill confidence and real world tactics that will prepare you to survive.  YOU must train how YOU will fight!


            $175 / 4 hour TAC Conceal Carry Course (Group rates are available)

           **Course includes Pistol, ammunition and gear!  all you need to do is show up and learn from the best!  We run a FULL Simunition Training Range Program, approved by Simunitions.



Home Invasion Ready Course


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