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Tactical Pistol 1 Course

TAC 1 Course info

The Tactical Pistol 1 Course is designed to train a student with REAL life tactical training on running your pistol in different combat stressed conditions.  In this class students will move and shoot, conduct fast reloads, clear malfunctions, shoot weak and strong hands and more!  The TAC 1 Pistol Course is taught by active law enforcement police trainers who have extensive firearms training.  We bring a real life situation into a training environment for you to survive the real threat in the future. 

Equipment Needed for the TAC 1 Course

Students need the following equipment for the TAC 1 Course;

**250- 300 rounds of pistol ammo

** Holster and magazine pouch

** TWO magazines are needed in this course ( IF you have more bring more)

** Eye and ear protection

**Sunscreen/ Water/ Snacks

** Open mind to absorb everything we teach you!

** Prepare yourself to take a very in depth tactical pistol course, that will give you the tools to win a gunfight and survive!

This class cost is $150/ student ( Group discounts avail! contact PG for more info on group discount info)


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